Wilson Yan

Hi everyone! I'm a 1st year Computer Science PhD Student at UC Berkeley. I am currently advised by Professor Pieter Abbeel as a part of Berkeley AI Research.

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I am interested in reinforcement learning, unsupervised learning and self-supervised learning. My current research is focused on learning models for accurate video prediction and generation.

VideoGPT: Video Generation using VQ-VAE and Transformers
Wilson Yan*, Yunzhi Zhang*, Pieter Abbeel, Aravind Srinivas
Under Review
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An efficient and scalable video generation architecture that first learns a VQ-VAE to compress video data, and then learns a GPT-style transformer to model discrete latent codes

Learning Predictive Representations for Deformable Objects Using Contrastive Estimation
Wilson Yan, Ashwin Vangipuram, Pieter Abbeel, Lerrel Pinto
CoRL 2020
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Using contrastive methods to learn plannable representations for manipulating deformable objects such as rope and cloth

Natural Image Manipulation for Autoregressive Models using Fisher Scores
Wilson Yan, Jonathan Ho, Pieter Abbeel,

Performing image interpolation and semantic manipulation (e.g. hair color, smiling, gender) with a PixelCN on facial images using Fisher scores as an embedding space

Learning to Manipulate Deformable Objects without Demonstrations
Yilin Wu, Wilson Yan, Thanard Kurutach, Lerrel Pinto, Pieter Abbeel,
RSS 2020
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Sim-to-Real transfer to learning a cloth-spreading policy on a real robot with any human demonstrations

cs188 CS 188: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Undergraduate Student Instructor, CS188 Fall 2018
Undergraduate Student Instructor, CS188 Spring 2019
Head Undergraduate Student Instructor, CS188 Fall 2019

CS 294-158: Deep Unsupervised Learning
Undergraduate Student Instructor, CS294-158 Spring 2020
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